My name is Danielle Woodford, scientist by training, Frank Lloyd Wright lover by heart. As the wife on a General Contractor, I fell into renovating and flipping homes. Staging these homes has given me an artistic outlet along with justifying my furniture hoarding issue.....and Flaunt Staging Boutique was born! 

 While reading up on my design crush, I came across words of advice written by architects from years gone by, to design with "dignity, simplicity and common sense". I like to think that is the way we all try to style our homes. Our Flaunt collections are full of vintage and heirloom finds that we have restored by hand, bringing life back into the pieces while keeping their "classic" feel. In all of our homes we've been fortunate to stage, you will find vintage orientals, the clean lines of mid century furniture, custom work from local artists and of course plants, lots of plants!